What?  Study?

True Discernment takes work!   Start easy.  Order this simple biography of St. Francis, read it, then download the study guide and pray and meditate on the questions. Journal about your answers. Then call the Vocation Director and we'll talk about them.  That conversation can lead to deeper understanding of God's will for you, or at least help you discern if the Holy Spirit is inviting you to further pursue a Franciscan Life.

Biography:  (Includes not only Life of St. Francis, but how he has Inspired Pope Francis, and how the Franciscan Life is needed today more than ever!)

St. Francis of Assisi a Life Inspired, by Wyatt North Publishing Co.   Purchase on amazon; paperback ($9.99) or kindle form ($2.99).

Study Guide:

Download Study Guide For St. Francis a Life Inspired

For Further reading, and more in depth study...

  1. Recommended in Depth Biography of St. Francis: "St. Francis of Assisi: A Biography" by Omer Englebert.  Buy on Kindle for 9.99.
  2. Short Stories about the Franciscan Spirituality of the Early Friars: "The Little Flowers of Saint Francis".   Free Download from EWTN. Or buy on Kindle for $0.99, or paperback for $4.00.
  3. Read the Rule of 1223 (of St. Francis), and The Admonitions (by St. Francis to his Friars).  Click here for free PDF download from this site.
  4. Read a brief history of the Conventual Franciscans. Online at Wikipedia,  on Our Rome website,  or on Our Province Website.
  5. Read our Formation Directory for the Conventual Franciscans. (These are the guidelines by which all those entering our order are taught in their first 5-9 years, to provide the foundation they are to live throughout all their lives!)  Click here for free PDF download from this site. 
  6.          Read the biography of St. Francis written by St. Bonaventure in 1263. Click here to go to it online.

Take a Short Course on Discernment. 
This is a video by Fr. Paul explaining; What is a Vocation, Why we should Seek it, and How to Find It.  After watching the video, download this Discussion Guide either for yourself to meditate on or journal about, or the questions can be used in a small group discussion with some of your friends.