Why not Choose a FRANCISCAN University?

Today’s world offers so many choices, how can one possibly know what major to study in college? Life is a journey. Each step on that journey is a choice; what do I want to do? Where do I want to Go?  Also for many, we begin on that path with many influences; our parents, friends, business trends, our interests, dictate the careers we pursue, if we go to college, and if we do what courses to study.  For most of us, God is really not in that list of influences that help guide our choices!

In my work as Vocation Director for our Province, I talk to many people discerning how to serve God with their lives. We call that a vocation.  A common theme I often hear goes something like this; ‘When I was younger I pursued tried many things I thought I wanted to do, or what others told me to do, but I’ve still not found what I long for. Now, I’ve decided to follow God’s will in my life, and listen to what God wants me to do.  Whenever this happens, it is a Miracle!  This really is what a Vocation is, to seek to serve God with our lives. That is to use our time, talent and treasure to share in the Ministry of Jesus, proclaiming the Kingdom (Love and Power of God).  But as I look at my life, as I listen to others life journeys, I often wonder, what if they had started listening to God sooner? They might have made different choices that would allow them to be more involved in the sharing in the Ministry of Jesus.

At a conference for Franciscan Vocation Directors last month, over 30 of us Franciscan Vocation directors, from throughout the United States and beyond, we were addressed by Fr. Daniel Horan OFM. (Fr. Daniel is Visiting Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at the Catholic Theological Union (Chicago), a columnist for America magazine, and the author of several books, and all this before the age of 33 years old! See his full biography at:   https://danhoran.com/about/ ).  He shared his faith journey that caused him to enter the Franciscan Order, and dedicate his life to promoting the Gospel. His journey took that turn after he entered college, where he was studying journalism. However, the college he was attending was St. Bonaventure University. This is a Franciscan Catholic University, with curriculum not only in the Arts and Sciences, but Philosophy and Theology also. It is not only run by professors and lay people, but there is also a large presence of Franciscan Friars there!  He got to know the friars. He joined them for prayer, and over time was moved to reorient his career path to using his journalism training to Evangelize, and he became a Franciscan Friar and Priest!

If you are in college or university, or planning to attend soon, why not consider a Catholic Franciscan University?

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